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Edwin Romilly

Edwin Romilly of the tax payers alliance is joining his voice with the majority of the electorate to say-"Its a shambles while services and other cutbacks are evident, that people in high positions in the public sector should be getting such inflated wage rises and other benefits when the hard working people and famillies of this country are hard pressed and struggling to survive..Isnt it high time fairness was given a voice..Its like we get the crumbs from the governments feast..Thankyou.Edwin


Now is the time for the government pass a law saying that percentage pay rises must be the same across all employees including the directors. And to make bonuses if paid universal to all employees not just those at the top. The success of any business is as much the result of employees work as it is the Directors etc. Come on Gordon show us you have the vision to make Britain a fairer society.

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