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A St Pierre

It seems that we taxpayers will have to fork out the £1.25 million costs of the inquiry that has decided that our MPs have swindled us out of and should repay us the sum of £1 million.
Should we not demand that the guilty MPs should also repay, pro rata, the costs of the enquiry?


And the one that got away from the Tax Payers Alliance https://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2010/feb/07/prisoners-sue-denied-vote-election

The Association of Prisoners would like to take this opportunity to thank the Labour government for donating £64,000,000 of taxpayers money to such a worthy cause.

The alternative does not bear thinking about does it? In case you have forgotten, it cost the taxpayers £112,000,000 to repair and refurbish Strangeways Prison after the April 1990 riot.

Adrian Peirson

Isn't all this expenses scandal a smokescreen

small change compared to the £1 Trillion debt we now owe the PRIVATE Bank of England.

Does it never occur to anyone to ask why we as a Sovereign Nation BORROW our money.


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